Our commitment to you

Our Values

Cregan Accountants place central importance to the values that we bring to our clients.

Clarifying your goals:
Our clients sit at the heart of our business. We invest time at the outset to ensure that we have a clear understanding of your objectives.

While we recognise our role as a service provider to our clients, we work collaboratively with you to deliver the optimal solutions for the challenges you face.

Objective advice:
Our advice may not be what you want to hear. But you can rest assured that our advice always has your best interest at heart.

Precision & consistency:
Our advice will be delivered with care and accuracy. Every single time.

We view our relationship with our clients as partnerships with common goals. We will strive to help you achieve your goals with the same energy and enthusiasm that we employ in achieving our own business objectives.

Loyalty & fairness:
We never want to lose a client. To prevent this happening, we approach every task with your interest at heart, with absolute discretion and our total loyalty at all times.

Using the latest cloud technology, we can collaborate with you in real-time, seeing the same numbers that you see and enabling you to securely access your financial information anywhere, anytime via the web on your PC, phone or tablet.

Our Values